Meet Our Journalists

Behind each byline is a commitment to unraveling the stories that shape our world, presented through the lenses of experience, passion, and expertise. Meet the driving force behind our reporting as we introduce you to the individuals who navigate the ever-evolving landscape of news with precision and dedication. These are the storytellers, the investigators, and the voices committed to delivering reliable and engaging journalism – the core essence of Clanfield Post.

Aaron Shaw
Senior Journalist
Meet Aaron Shaw, our seasoned Senior Journalist at Clanfield Post. With a knack for uncovering the layers beneath the headlines, Aaron brings a wealth of experience to our newsroom. Known for his meticulous research and insightful analysis, he navigates the complexities of the news landscape, delivering in-depth stories that resonate with readers seeking a deeper understanding of the world.
Karla Ishak
As a dedicated Journalist at Clanfield Post, Karla Ishak injects passion into every story she covers. Known for her keen eye for human-interest narratives, Karla has a talent for weaving together compelling tales that resonate with our diverse audience. Through her lens, the news transforms into relatable stories that bridge the gap between events and the human experience.
Pat Greene
Pat Greene, our Editor at Clanfield Post, is the driving force behind the precision and clarity of our content. With a discerning eye for detail, Pat ensures that every piece meets the highest editorial standards. Beyond the red pen, Pat's editorial guidance shapes the narrative, elevating the impact of our reporting with a commitment to accuracy and coherence.
Seth Hays
Seth Hays, is the storyteller with an adventurous spirit at Clanfield Post. Whether covering local events or global trends, Seth has an uncanny ability to capture the essence of the story. Known for his engaging writing style and a passion for digging into the heart of the matter, Seth delivers news that resonates and sparks meaningful conversations.
Tim Reed
With a relentless pursuit of the truth, Tim navigates the ever-evolving news landscape with curiosity and precision. His analytical mind and dedication to objective reporting make him a valuable asset to our team, ensuring that every story is presented with clarity and a commitment to fostering an informed readership.