As the new year kicks off, resolutions abound, with many Brits opting for healthier lifestyles, including embracing the vegan way of life. Whether you’re diving into the annual Veganuary challenge or just aiming to reduce your meat intake, the abundance of vegan alternatives may surprise you. It’s not all about cocoa balls and tofu; some everyday items you might already have in your pantry are completely free from animal products.

Here are 10 unsuspecting vegan-friendly items that could make your Veganuary journey a delightful surprise:

  1. Marmite: The iconic British spread, Marmite, has an entire range certified by the European Vegetarian Union (EVU) as vegan, with the exception of the 70g jar. Fear not, as Marmite is in the process of obtaining vegan approval for this size as well. Primarily made from yeast, Marmite contains no other animal-derived ingredients.
  2. McVitie’s Hobnobs: Believe it or not, all Hobnobs are vegan, including most own-brand oat biscuits. The McVitie’s Choc Chip variant also surprisingly makes the cut, using soya lecithin, cocoa mass, and fat-reduced cocoa powder without any milk or milk proteins.
  3. Oreos: While the makers of Oreos don’t officially label their cookies as vegan due to potential cross-contact with milk products, Oreos themselves contain no animal-derived ingredients. Vegans can indulge in this sweet treat without guilt.
  4. Guinness: Since 2015, Guinness has been proudly 100% vegan. Diageo, the beer manufacturer, altered the filtration process to exclude isinglass, a gelatin derived from fish, making Guinness a suitable beverage for vegans.
  5. Starburst: While Starbursts from various parts of the world may contain gelatine made from animal collagen, the UK-manufactured Starbursts are gelatine-free. Vegans should be cautious and ensure they are enjoying the UK-produced sweets to steer clear of animal products.
  6. Crumpets: A quintessential British snack, most shop-bought crumpets surprisingly contain no dairy products. Contrary to popular belief, these beloved snacks are entirely vegan.
  7. Cream Crackers: Despite the misleading name, cream crackers do not actually contain any dairy. The term “cream” in this context refers to the manufacturing process, making these crackers completely vegan-friendly.
  8. Ice Cream: The rise of vegan ice cream brands in recent years has delighted many. Ben and Jerry’s offer vegan options like Chunky Monkey, Chocolate Fudge Brownie, and Cookie Dough, while Swedish Glace by Walls is another tasty choice.
  9. Lotus Biscuit Spread: Not only are Lotus Biscoff biscuits vegan, but their Biscoff spread is also plant-based. This delectable spread can even be used to create a mouth-watering vegan cheesecake.
  10. Pasta: Most dry pasta, a staple in many households, is made without eggs, using durum wheat and semolina instead. This makes it a suitable choice for vegans. However, fresh pasta commonly contains eggs, so those committed to a plant-based diet should check packaging carefully.

Embracing a vegan lifestyle doesn’t mean bidding farewell to your favorite snacks. With these surprising vegan finds, you can navigate Veganuary and beyond with a tasty array of plant-based options. Whether you’re a seasoned vegan or just starting your journey, these everyday items may already be in your kitchen, waiting to be enjoyed cruelty-free.

Tim Reed

With a relentless pursuit of the truth, Tim navigates the ever-evolving news landscape with curiosity and precision. His analytical mind and dedication to objective reporting make him a valuable asset to our team, ensuring that every story is presented with clarity and a commitment to fostering an informed readership.