Author: Tim Reed

Tim Reed

With a relentless pursuit of the truth, Tim navigates the ever-evolving news landscape with curiosity and precision. His analytical mind and dedication to objective reporting make him a valuable asset to our team, ensuring that every story is presented with clarity and a commitment to fostering an informed readership.

As the new year kicks off, resolutions abound, with many Brits opting for healthier lifestyles, including embracing the vegan way of life. Whether you’re diving into the annual Veganuary challenge or just aiming to reduce your meat intake, the abundance of vegan alternatives may surprise you. It’s not all about cocoa balls and tofu; some everyday items you might already have in your pantry are completely free from animal products. Here are 10 unsuspecting vegan-friendly items that could make your Veganuary journey a delightful surprise: Marmite: The iconic British spread, Marmite, has an entire range certified by the European Vegetarian…

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In a recent biannual study conducted by Moneybox Homebuying, the dream of becoming a homeowner in the UK seems to be losing its allure for many. The study, covering 1,000 aspiring homeowners, reveals a notable decline in optimism, with only 35 per cent expressing confidence in achieving their homeownership goals – a significant drop from 42 per cent recorded just a year ago. The research paints a stark picture, indicating that over half (58 per cent) have deferred their plans to buy a home, now contemplating a later timeline than initially anticipated. A mere 10 per cent believe they will…

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