Author: Seth Hays

Seth Hays

Seth Hays, is the storyteller with an adventurous spirit at Clanfield Post. Whether covering local events or global trends, Seth has an uncanny ability to capture the essence of the story. Known for his engaging writing style and a passion for digging into the heart of the matter, Seth delivers news that resonates and sparks meaningful conversations.

In the complex tapestry of the UK job market, a recent study has brought to the forefront the harsh realities faced by disabled young people, exposing the hidden challenges that hinder their upward social mobility. This research, undertaken in collaboration with various experts, offers a detailed exploration of the profound disparities that leave disabled youths lagging behind their non-disabled counterparts. Drawing on a nationally representative longitudinal study encompassing 16,000 students born in 1989 and 1990, the investigation casts a spotlight on a troubling trend: disabled young people are more likely to grapple with unemployment at the age of 25. Shockingly,…

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Communities in various UK cities are taking proactive steps to combat urban blight and decrease violent crime through innovative greening projects. Drawing inspiration from successful initiatives in places like Flint, Michigan, and Youngstown, Ohio, these community-driven programs are converting vacant lots into vibrant green spaces, showing promising results in improving safety perceptions and lowering crime rates. A Decade of Transformation in Flint, Michigan A decade ago, a street in Flint, Michigan, was marred by tall grass on vacant lots, creating an overwhelming sense of blight. Flint was then grappling with high violent crime rates, causing residents to feel uneasy. Fast…

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