Author: Karla Ishak

Karla Ishak

As a dedicated Journalist at Clanfield Post, Karla Ishak injects passion into every story she covers. Known for her keen eye for human-interest narratives, Karla has a talent for weaving together compelling tales that resonate with our diverse audience. Through her lens, the news transforms into relatable stories that bridge the gap between events and the human experience.

In the relentless pursuit of success, failure is often considered the adversary, the stumbling block that dashes dreams and quashes ambitions. However, the stories of renowned creatives remind us that failure is not the end but rather a crucial stepping stone towards success. In the world of arts and creativity, the ability to navigate setbacks, rejection, and self-doubt can be the differentiator between those who thrive and those who falter. Dale Carnegie, a renowned self-improvement lecturer, once asserted that action breeds confidence and courage, laying the foundation for success. This sentiment echoes the teachings of psychologist Carol Dweck, who introduced…

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In a world where discussions about menstruation are often shrouded in stigma, a significant number of women unknowingly grapple with a condition that goes unnoticed – heavy menstrual bleeding or menorrhagia. Approximately one in four women experiences this clinical concern, marked by abnormally heavy or prolonged periods. While the topic may be uncomfortable, understanding the signs, consequences, and seeking timely help is crucial for women’s overall health. Defining Heavy Menstrual Bleeding In a standard menstrual cycle, a woman loses about 70ml to 80ml of fluid, equivalent to two double espressos, with half of it being blood. However, for those with…

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