Newspapers are essential in the modern world. They help members of the public access important information such as current affairs, entertainment, political, technological and other news items. They may have missed these stories through different media outlets, such as television or radio broadcasts. In the United Kingdom, newspapers may be classified into two types. The broadsheets, which have more detailed information and are usually large in size and commonly referred to as “quality press”. Plus, the tabloids which tend to concentrate more on the celebrity or stories of human interest, as opposed to focusing more on politics and news from around the globe. However, some popular newspapers such as “The Independent”, “The Observer” and “The Sun,” were initially considered as being broadsheets. They have now changed their format and adopted a more tabloid oriented look.

Online Newspapers

Most of the newspapers in the United Kingdom, especially in England, have websites or apps, making it easier for readers to read through the contents through computers or mobile devices. However, it is undoubtedly important to note that not all newspapers allow free access to their contents. For some, readers have to subscribe or pay either on a monthly or daily basis. Some of the benefits to subscribers include access to Soduku puzzles, crosswords or the ability to download the day’s edition and read offline.

Most towns or cities in England and the UK at large, have local newspapers, which at most times are not distributed nationally. They mostly contain local content which readers from the towns can relate to. In England, with politics attracting wide audiences, newspapers play an essential role, especially during elections. History has shown that the newspapers political affiliation will affect the readership. Some of them focus on content that is attractive to peoples political alliances, such as the Liberals, Conservatives or Labour, among other parties.