Sports is one of the most visited section of newspapers, especially in England where sports disciplines such as football and rugby have a large following. The sports section of a newspaper may include information related to the team’s performance, competition updates such as the English Premier League and others such as the latest technologies in sports. Sports journalists are some of the most active media personalities as they have to travel to game venues or watch an event so as to bring a comprehensive report to readers.

Major Sports News Around England

The English Premier League is the most widely followed league in England and around the world because of the wide coverage that it receives from media outlets and the huge sponsorship deals from big international companies. The English top-flight competition sees 20 best teams compete for the trophy with Manchester City having won the last two competitions in 2017-18 and the 2018-19 season. Other top teams include Liverpool, Manchester United, Chelsea, Arsenal among others with some of the teams having local newspapers focusing more on the local home team such as the Liverpool Echo or Express.

The competition is designed in such a way that the three teams with the least points at the end of a season get relegated to the second tier competition while the top three teams in the second tier are promoted to the premier league.

Rugby Union

Rugby is a leading professional sport in England was formed in 1871 and is governed by the Rugby Union. Premiership rugby is the top men’s rugby competition with rugby teams from England competing in the competition. The national team also competes in the Six Nation Championship annually where they won the competition in 2003. Just as football, rugby is covered by major newspaper outlets on both print and online platforms.