Use of digital technology has become an integral part of a journalist’s work. It has not only made information more accessible, but it poses a threat to news organisations and their staff, in that the internet provides third parties, such as the government and non-government agencies, an avenue where they can monitor their activities. News reporting needs secure and reliable internet connectivity. Many organisations use Virtual Private Networks VPN’S which will help you secure your internet activities, keeping away unwanted prying eyes.

Tips and Resources About Protecting Yourself

Whether considering involving the services of an emergency online assistant, or you need to know more about securing your internet activities with VPN’S such as which is one of the best solutions, then this is the right place to get more information about online security, and things you should avoid when browsing over unsecured internet.

  • Mobile networks

Mobile networks are run by private entities, which may be controlled by various authorities such as the government. These entities have unlimited access to communication between users through calls or texts. Another risk is that these entities are required by law to store users data and even locations. It’s advised that when on mobile networks, one should try and be careful on the information shared, if not using VPN’s.

  • Security roundup

If you feel that you are not safe while browsing the internet, or you think that your laptop or mobile devices have been compromised, leave the site and seek emergency assistance from online security experts. Its good to ensure that you always have security software installed on your devices and that they are always up to date, which will also help remove malware which may be a threat.

  • Browsers

Use browsers which are more convenient for you, and those that have been tested over time. Browsers may pose a significant threat, with some having the ability to store your passwords and other information.