Blogs are a popular form of digital media which are prevalent on the internet. The word blog is from “weblog”, which, in its original form, was a form of online journal or diary.

Blogs have now expanded and can cover any topic from travel to video game reviews to photography sites. Blogs are places people can share ideas, words, thoughts, and photos with anyone else on the internet, often for free.

Starting a Blog

If you are actually considering starting your own blog, you should ask yourself some questions first. What will it be about? What advice or thoughts do you have to share with people which will be of use or entertainment to them? Who are your readers?

Once you’ve decided on these, you need to choose a platform. WordPress is a popular platform for blog hosting and can be started for free for a basic service. You can pay for URL hosting, gaining your own site domain and extra layout benefits.


Content is the largest part of a blog and the feature which draws people in the most. Once you’ve decided what your blog is about, make sure your content is relevant and interesting. Whether this is text, stories, articles, photography, or design; your content should be clear and focused, telling your audience exactly what your blog is about. Separate each train of thought into posts, which can be grouped within categories once you have several of them.


To increase your readership, it’s a good idea to share your blog. You can do this best on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. You can also add sharing buttons to your blog site, at the end of each blog post, so readers who like what they see, can share themselves. In this way, you can branch out with your audience.