Welcome to our entertaining and informative site, where we vouchsafe not only to keep the industry of newspapers alive but to keep it moving with the modern world and thriving in the future. Along the way, we’ll educate you about the history and origins of newspapers. We discuss other types of media which have spawned from it, and where we are taking the world of newspapers and their digital cousins in the modern world.


It would be foolish to uphold the notion that everyone wants their news delivered in paper form, and in the current climate, that just isn’t possible. We are committed to providing print newspapers for those niche readers who want it, and digital versions for everyone else. The digital world is an exciting one, opening up a multitude of opportunities, and the newspaper industry is no different. Digitisation allows for reams of paper to be saved, and archives to be cherished forever.


Newspapers aren’t dying but evolving. Digital media is providing new realms of possibilities for people to access and take in the news in whichever form they choose, and we are embracing this. We are hyper-aware of our printing impact on the environment and are taking leaps and bounds to improve on this.


All this being said, newspapers still retain their integrity and importance in everyday modern life. News and media are still vital, now more than ever, and with our help and yours, newspapers will never die, just get better and stronger.